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We had friends over tonight to play some Cards Against Humanity with new cards I'd just picked up. One of our friends also brought over the game "SuperFight", which we quipped was "Like ComicCon, but without the lines".

I was willing to play it, but I've been to too many ComicCons - I figured it was going to get pretty tedious, pretty fast. It actually was pretty hilarious however, and we were laughing more for this than we were for CAH. After a long argument through one of the fights, I quipped "I'm a nerd, I've argued stupider!"

As an example of hands - my first fight hand was "My significant other" "Shooting Shotguns of Shotguns" which seemed to have a pretty good chance of defeating the hordes of hippies at Burning Man in a big hamster ball with too many groceries that had rolled over all the other hands. But when I had to choose my random adjective, I got "Literal Jazz Hands" and my SO was rolled into the giant hamster ball. :(

[ profile] canyonwalker managed to win the game with the Kardashian's riding Mr. Rogers with a 200 mph fast ball vs my K-Pop star who shot blinding light from their hands and a fire hose of super glue.

All I'm saying is, if you can have a game that involves the wrongness of the Kardashian's riding poor Mr. Rogers, you gotta play it!


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